4 Fears that Could Be Crippling Your Brand

October is without a doubt the scariest month of the year. On the one hand you’ve got Halloween, and on the other, YEAR END IS AROUND THE CORNER! Scary stuff, right?

So, in the spirit of all things scary and Halloweeny, let’s talk about some of the “marketing monsters” that are lurking in your closet as a business owner… and why you should face your fears and take the plunge into the scary “unknown”!

#1 Spending money on your brand

As a business owner, you work your fingers to the bone to get every cent through the door. So, it’s natural to be scared of spending that hard-earned money! But the age-old adage "you need to spend money to make money" still rings truer than ever… especially when it comes to your brand and social media! For instance, if you cheap out on a logo design now, you will pay for it in the long-term. And when it comes to social media, the only way to really get your followers up is by increasing your spend (although, we do have a few other tricks up our sleeve). The key is to remember that it will all pay off on the long run!


#2 Allowing yourself to trust in the process

As with any relationship, it’s difficult to “let go” in business. We see it practically every day – clients who are so attached to their brands, that they can’t allow themselves to trust us to work our magic (of course, we always get through to them in the end!) See, what’s important to realise is that you are way too close to your business, which means you have blind spots that only an external partner can see. So, isn’t it about time you bring someone in to give you the honest truth, so you can let go of what isn't working. It's scary, but boy is it effective!


#3 C-H-A-N-G-E

Sjoe, this is a big one! We’ve delved into the topic of change before in this article , and we stand by it – change is scary, but it’s the best thing you can do for your business. Think about that website you’ve had since 2005 (we know, you built it with your own two hands in your garage just like Mr Jobs) – is it still working as hard as it could be, or is it costing you new business? If you think back over the past year, some of the biggest headlines were made by brands and businesses who weren't afraid to drive change and push the norms. Now, imagine if your business was one of them.


#4 Following a minimalist approach

The most effective designs are beautiful, balanced and clean. But it sure seems to scare the mittens off most clients! As a business owner, you may think it’s important for your clients to know that your accountant has a degree in engineering, and that you won a prize for biggest pumpkin in the Biggest Pumpkin Challenge of ‘03. But in reality, all your customer really wants to know is what YOU can do for THEM. And we bet you don’t need an entire double-page spread or 2 000 words on a website to convey that, right?


Sometimes you need that person in your team to just give it to you straight - no matter how scary that might be!

Paula is this person for us, so we asked her why she believes it's important to face your fears in business.

"Fear can be your worst enemy in life, whether it’s in your business or your personal life. Fear has the power to debilitate your thoughts and your actions. Turn your back on that useless fear as it does not serve you. Believe in yourself above all, believe that you can achieve anything you put your mind to. Remember there is no such thing as failure, but opportunities to learn and try again."