You might think to yourself, “of course I love my own brand! Such hogwash!” But take a minute –a REAL minute –to think about this: Do you love making money, or do you truly love your brand?

At Calypso, we believe that the key to building a strong brand starts with LOVE.

Here are 4 reasons why!

#1 It allows you to make more sustainable decisions

When you put your brand first, it’s easy to make those difficult decisions –decisions that might not be in your personal best interest short-term, but in the best interest of your business long-term. It helps you think clearly about your marketing strategy and helps you appreciate the impact it will have on your brand in the longrun.

#2 It helps you build a brand that withstands all

Think of it as lust vs. love. Lust is seeing your brand as nothing more than an engine that puts money in your pocket every month –and just like a teenage romance, it’s seldom successful in the long run. Now LOVE on the other hand, is when you genuinely care about your brand and want to see it thrive! And just like a relationship based on love, the odds of your brand succeeding long-term are so much higher!

#3 If you love your brand, others will tooI

n this day and age consumers want to follow brands that are authentic and real–especially in the world of digital and social media. So, if you pour real love into your brand, they will pick up on this and be more excited about supporting your brand. Yes, you can throw a quick post on social to promote a product, but at the end of the day what consumers buy into is a relationship... a relationship built on love.

#4 Everything else becomes almost irrelevant

You know that feeling when you find “the one” –where nothing else matters but the two of you? Well, this also applies in the case of your brand. When you build a brand on love, the rest of the world becomes almost irrelevant. What the competition is doing becomes much less important, and you’re far less stressed about the news headlines. Whereas before you may have crafted your marketing strategy to spite your rival and respond to every scary news article, now that you’re building a brand on love it’s easier to focus on what your brand and your customers need.




We know you've poured a LOT of love into building your business, and you might not want to change a thing! Our very own Paula has been in the events and marketing industry for years, and she "gets it"! Here's what she had to say:

"I often hear clients say “why do I need to use social media or have a website for my business? I have been doing business for 20, 30, 40 years and I have been doing fine -I am old school.” I hear you and from one “old school” to another -in this new world of technology it’s in your best interest to keep up with the times, or you will be left behind. Knowledge does not occupy space but it will help to make informed decisions. Show your business some true love in 2021 by changing your old school ideas and being present for success."