5 Rules You Should Break... Sometimes

Social media has changed a lot over the last couple of years. Yet, we are still clinging to so many of the archaic rules we followed back when everyone on Facebook still had a Wall, and no one knew what Insta Stories were.

While we firmly believe that rules are good, there are a few “mythical rules” that clients bring up every once in a while, and we thought we’d delve into them to show you WHY these rules are made to be broken.

#1 Being Present on Every Platform

For years brands have been scrambling to maintain multiple social media platforms. While that may have been possible 5 years ago, with so many new platforms popping up, it’s just not feasible or lucrative anymore. That’s why it’s important to choose the platforms that are RELEVANT to your brand and target market: Rather do a few platforms and do them WELL.

#2 Watching Your Competitors

Yes, it’s important to know what your competition is getting up to, but it can derail your social media marketing strategy completely. Be careful of becoming too obsessive about what your competitors are posting or saying online, and always crafting your posts in response to it. Have your own voice and focus on your following and your brand. Authenticity is where it’s at!

#3 Growing Your Page “Likes”

Gone are the days where consumers based their purchasing decisions on how many followers you have on Facebook. Nowadays, it’s all about quality over quantity –and in some cases, having too many followers (that aren’t TRUE followers) can hurt your brand more than anything else. Post good stuff, be real, and the right market will follow

#4 Spending Money on Boosting

Is there merit in boosting a post to increase engagement? Most definitely! But the question is: What will your brand gain in the process? Unless you’re getting real sales, conversions or brand awareness out of that boosted post, isn’t your money better spent somewhere else? Unless you’re willing to spend the big bucks, boosting a post for R500 simply isn’t worth it.

#5 Taking Part in Every Social Trend

Just because a bunch of teenagers are pouring syrup on their heads for the ‘gram or challenging each other to hop on one leg doesn’t mean your brand should stoop to that level. While we do encourage our clients to stay relevant and participate where possible, it’s important to choose your challenges wisely and to ensure that it fits your brand image.





As a creative, you find yourself in this odd space where you need to think big, bold and out of the box, but stick to the rules. We chatted to our mini unicorn, Tina the designer, to find out how she finds inspiration.

“Too many deadlines and no cohesive vision can often leave a creative feeling overwhelmed and uninspired; because delivering "creativity on demand" is not always easy to do. That’s why stepping away from the screen and going for a walk to get some fresh air can do absolute wonders for recharging the mind and energy levels. Then again, heading over to the dark side and spending hours on Pinterest is, without a doubt, one of my favourite methods for finding inspiration online fast. It’s packed with stunning photography and design that’s easy to navigate. Creativity doesn’t always come naturally, and it doesn’t always come when you most need it. That's why I recommend experimenting with colour and planning ahead by sourcing and collecting inspiration; playing with your graphics; and treating yourself right with fresh air, fresh conversation and a fresh creativity routine.”