traditional vs digital marketing

5 Ways to Blend Traditional and Digital

Look, here’s the deal: We’re a digital first agency, because it’s the way of the future. But if you’re not quite ready to let your traditional media die, we won’t chase you out the door because we’re nice like that.

Instead, let us help you make your traditional elements work for you on a digital level, so that you get more bang for your buck.


Here are a few pointers to get you started.


#1 Turn print into digital gold

If you’re going to spend thousands on print ads and brochures, you’d better make them work extra hard. What many clients don’t realise is that, once the design has been created, you can also adapt it for online use. From posting it as downloadables on your website to turning it into interactive social media posts – the sky’s the limit!


#2 Where’s your URL, mate?

We’re also expert event managers – which means we understand that things like pull-up banners, posters and event collateral can’t always be digitised. But one of our greatest pet peeves is walking into an event and seeing a banner WITHOUT a website URL, Insta handle or Facebook link on it. No matter what you're printing, always - we repeat, ALWAYS - add your social icons and website URL.


#3 Company profiles are still #relevant

The one traditional element you’ll never hear us bashing is a company profile. Whether you’re a start-up business or been in the industry for 50 years, a company profile is an excellent way to truly capture what your business is all about. From there, you can use it as a downloadable extra on your website, and the cut-to-the-chase nature of the content makes it ideal for sharing bits and pieces on social media.


#4 Carry your digital brand with you

Another awesome “traditional” tool that can help your digital strategy is your business card. It’s literally a small piece of your business that you’re leaving with a potential client, and it’s the perfect way to onboard them to your social channels. So, by simply adding your social media icons and website URL to it, your business card suddenly becomes a ticket to your full business profile. In fact, you can even add your own website QR code to it!


#5 But it works both ways

If you know a piece of traditional communication is coming out soon – whether it be a cool print ad, radio spot or TV ad – use your digital spaces to create some hype for your traditional media! That way, your clients will be more likely to engage with your ads when they do see it out in the wild, which means your traditional media works even harder! Cool, hey?



If you’re still not convinced, let’s hear it straight from the source – our Marketing Manager, Tanya. Over the years, she’s worked across the marketing and events industries, and fully understands the intricacies of blending online and offline media.


"If you are the type of client that believes in traditional print marketing, then that’s ok – keep it that way if it works for you. However, try use it to your advantage to have a digital version of every printed item you have so that it can be easily emailed to a client, shared on social media or downloaded from your website. This ensures that you are still "current" and keeping your clients who operate more in the digital space happy. Whatever your style is, we can help you with both traditional and digital marketing."