4 Reasons Why the Client is NOT Always Right


“The client is always right” is a phrase that’s been ringing throughout the industry since as early as we can remember. But you know what? We think it’s nonsense. Before you get offended, hear us out! Here are 4 reasons we believe that the client is just as human and the next guy, and doesn’t own the world.


#1 We are the experts

If you were “always right” and knew exactly what to do, you wouldn’t need an agency, right? We believe it is our JOB as your agency to bring our expertise to the table, and sometimes this means telling you that you’re wrong. In fact, if we DIDN’T disagree with you and give you our expert opinion on the matter, we’d effectively be stealing your money. And that’s just not how we roll.


#2 Disagreements lead to genius

Throughout history, some of the greatest ideas and inventions were the product of disagreements – two or more people talking about a problem and sharing their differing opinions. These types of disagreements often lead to the best type of creative solutions – and we even see it in our agency every day. So no, we will never stop debating on the things we believe in, because we LOVE bringing genius ideas to the table for you.


#3 You’re too close to your brand

We see this happening a LOT. A client has an idea of what they want to do – but because they’ve got their noses pressed up against their brand, they just don’t see the bigger picture. That’s okay and perfectly natural! So, as an “impartial party”, we can give you an objective opinion and ensure that you make the right decisions about your brand. All we ask for is a little trust in our abilities.


#4 We value our employees

In our experience, companies who follow a “customer is always right” approach don’t have their employees’ best interests at heart. Why? Because you’re effectively saying to your employees that their opinion doesn’t mean as much to you as that of your clients. At Calypso, we employ free-thinking individuals and we value what they bring to the table. So, while we will always go the extra mile for our client, we’re also pretty good at saying “no” to unreasonable requests that put our team’s happiness & creative bubble at risk.




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"Lucky Star, Lucky Star, Lucky Star! For me that kwaito, pantsula and piano dance aesthetic is what sets us apart as South Africans. This inspirational and vibrant way of life translates into how we tackle design - #Ubuntu for days".