What if we told you that you have a secret marketing weapon hiding INSIDE your business? And more importantly, what if we told you this weapon is essentially free to use?

The answer is simple: Your employees.

Even if you have 5 people working for you, that’s 5 voices that can tell the world exactly how incredible your business is. See, most business owners think of themselves as “alone in the struggle”, working solo to network and get new business through the door. But what you’re missing is that your employees are just as capable –plus, it’s in their best interest to help your business flourish.

#1 Encourage your staff to be active on social media.

If you have 10 people working for you, each with 100 friends on Facebook, that’s 1000 potential new customers that you can reach for FREE. Make sure you teach your staff “best practices” and insist that they engage with your brand on social media.

#2 Make “networking” part of their job description.

Yes, you can’t teach an old dog new tricks –but when a new employee walks through the door, it’s the perfect time to tell them what you expect of them. Add networking to their performance indicators to ensure that they do their part for the business.

#3 Bring in reinforcements to teach them your “ways”.

At Calypso, one of the first things we teach our new clients is to get their staff to like and share the business’s posts on social media. In fact, we’re happy to come in and do a comprehensive workshop to teach them all the do's and don’ts of social media. Get in touch with us!

#4 Incentivise your people to be brand ambassadors.

While you can go out there and pay an influencer a couple of thousand to share your post, a simple incentive can go a long way within your company. In reality, you have influencers walking around your offices every single day –and with a little motivation to “share 1 post a week” or “get 5 friends to like our page”, your business’s social media following will skyrocket.

#5 Practise what you preach, every day!

So often we hear business owners say things like “I don’t have a Facebook account” or “social media isn’t really my thing”. Well, now is the time to MAKE it your thing. If your staff sees you sharing and engaging with your brand on social media, they will be far more likely to follow in your footsteps. Lead by example