...who are we?

Calypso is a creative agency – nay, creative powerhouse – that offers the full spectrum of design services and brand communications. We’re talking all the major buzzwords: innovative ideas, inspiring art direction, engaging digital marketing, explosive event management, and the list goes on.

Calypso was established in 2017, when event gurus Tanya Vieira and Paula Gageiro joined forces with design maverick Rea Akermanidis – merging 2 great businesses into 1 agency of awesome. We like to think of ourselves as a “sugar and spice and all things nice” type of company – Tanya and Rea being the perfect balance of sugar and spice (although we’re never quite sure who’s who), while the rest of the team brings something nice to the table. After all, who doesn’t like working with nice people, right?

Whether we’re designing a brochure, creating a print ad, building a website or planning a corporate event, we always start with one thing in mind: Your story. That’s really what we are – creative storytellers who are on a mission to connect with clients and consumers alike.

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Tanya and Rea have known each other since pre-school, although only ever really from a distance. It was only later in life, when both were at the helm of their own businesses, that they hit it off and became #bestbuds4life.