A mix of people, a mix
of ideas, a mix of epic madness

Don’t even get us started on our team of creative dynamite sticks – because we will sure as shells talk your ears right off your head.

Our team is cooler than herbal toothpaste, more creative than a shelf full of acrylics, and friendlier than your sister’s dog (but maybe not as cuddly). We are one big happy family of creative thinkers, brand experts, strategists, content developers, designers, digital innovators, problem solvers, and dedicated event specialists – a mish-mash of pros who share a genuine passion for building impactful brands, delivering authentic consumer experiences, and expressing our emotions through GIFs. We are loud, we are lovely and we don’t take nonsense.

Tanya Vieira

Tanya Vieira

Traffic Controller

Tanya has been planning events since 2006, WOW’ing our clients and business owners with her creative prowess and ability to speak 500 words per second. Over the years she has been featured in numerous magazines and asked to speak at various event planning conferences. Tanya has a degree in B.Comm Entrepreneurial Management, and she’s a killer hip hop dancer – for realz! She even represented SA in Germany at the World Trial Circuit for Hip Hop, so don’t be surprised if she busts a move in a client meeting when she gets excited about an idea. Even though she loves colour, this girl is black-and-white – no grey areas – and she has very little patience for slack behaviour, poor filing and unread emails. Tanya is without a doubt one of the most dynamic, inspiring and passionate people you will ever meet – but first you’ll have to catch up with her (good luck with that!)

Quick Tip
Traffic Controller definition:
  • Executive Account Management
  • Client Liaison
  • Project Management
  • Event Management
Paula Gageiro

Paula Gageiro

Bean Counter

If ever you think to yourself, “I wonder where Tanya gets her fierce and feisty personality from”, you’ll instantly understand when you meet the equally passionate Paula. A qualified bookkeeper, our fiercely protective mother hen has been in the industry for over 20 years. In between raising her two kids and crunching numbers, she somehow still found the time to open a pancake and coffee shop, train as a make-up artist, and become a qualified florist – all this while keeping us thoroughly entertained with her hair-flipping impressions. Paula is Portuguese by birth, and grew up in Mozambique before her family relocated to South Africa during the civil war. Nowadays she still visits her home country at least once a year, trekking across the country with her entire family to spend blissful holidays on the coast of magical Mozam – her one true “happy place”. If you’re looking for someone to call you out on your nonsense, Paula is always available for phone or WhatsApp consultations.

Bean Counter definition:
  • Financial Management
  • Procurement
  • Office Management
  • Human Resources
  • Event Management
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Rea Akermanidis bolus

Rea Akermanidis-bolus

Brain Surgeon

Rea is as determined as she is short (i.e. very) – but don’t let her size fool you: When this little fire cracker puts her mind to something, there’s very little that will get her off course – except maybe if there’s a good Greek restaurant within wafting distance. Having worked in the creative industry since 2004, she’s always had a soft spot for multimedia design – but it wasn’t long before she got tired of (Greek) dancing to someone else’s drum and decided to open her own agency in 2009. Following a successful stint as an independent designer, Rea joined forces with Tanya and Paula in 2017, and so Calypso was born – and to quote Rea, “my doll, it’s the best thing we ever did”. Today she runs our creative division with the type of vision that simply cannot be taught, and the type of hand gestures that ensure she always gets her point across with passion and gusto. She’s cool, she’s (mostly) calm, and she’s a creative force to be reckoned with. P.s Don’t take it personally if you make a mistake and she calls you names! (swear words redacted).

Quick Tip
Brain Surgeon definition:
  • Creative Director
  • Project Management
  • Novice Coder
  • IT Support (LOL)

Inside Intel


Paula has a range of nicknames for Tanya and Rea, depending on their “level of agreement” with each other – sometimes it’s Ting & Tang, and other times (when they’re not quite seeing eye-to-eye) it’s Fing & Fang.

Charn Neethling
WORD whisperer

Aka Copywriting & Editing